30 Day Experiment with Protein Supplement

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Many of us would like to lose weight this year.  Many would like to become stronger and more active.  We would like to make healthier food choices and we would all like to look and feel our best no matter what age!  Please send me your story through the comments section and tell me what you have done or intend to do to improve in these areas.

A bit embarrassed to put this out there, but here goes.  I hit menopause nearly 2 years ago.  I am post menopausal!  UGH!  I’ve remained decently stellar throughout my adulthood, but 2 years following menopause and I am experiencing a variety of changes including noticeable loss of muscle mass and increased fat in my midsection.  My strength overall feels decreased and joints hurt more.  I know if you are younger you are yawning as you read this,  and if you are my age you might be thinking, “welcome to your fifties!”

Become a Better You in Maineville, Ohio owned by Terri and Gary Carmack is graciously joining me in an experiment.  For 1 month I will consume their product listed below.  Please note the ingredients, benefits  and recommended serving size.

Muscle Strength & Recovery

An exclusive protein blend of soy, whey and egg-white proteins with 30g protein per serving to support athletic performance and boost energy.
Key Benefits

•Build and maintain lean muscle •Get energized with herbs for peak muscle exertion •Support workouts with proper nutrition


Includes protomyosin, a blend with soy, caseinate, egg whites and glutamine for 30g protein per serving. Protomyosin has the highest score for protein digestibility, boosts energy and performance, and is ideal for muscle growth.

Simply blend 3/ 4 cup of Bulk & Muscle Formula with 12 fl. oz. of purified water, milk or your favorite beverage and adjust taste as desired.
Fast Facts

Essential amino acids, plus 24 vitamins and minerals, maximize muscle strength and growth.

The following  are my beginning statistics as of January 26.  At the end of February I will recheck all of this data and post it here.  My goal is to increase lean body mass, reduce fat, and lose 3 lb or at least not gain weight.   Stay tuned!!!

Age 53

Height 63″

Weight 123lb

Total Body Fat 19%

Upper Arm – 12″

Thigh – 20″

Bust – 36

Waist – 27.5

Hip – 35

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