Wellness Expo in Retrospect!

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Guest Speaker Cammy Dierking

From my vantage point,  I could look out across the road into the picturesque vineyards while chatting with the folks from Nature’s Garden Delivered.   I was a bit distracted from our conversation about Daikon Sprouts as Issac allowed me to sample these sprouts which have that unmistakable radish zing,  and I thought to myself, “this is EXACTLY what I had in mind for our Expo!”

The day came together well as our 26 health and wellness driven vendors seemed to pour their heart and soul into table after table of what they do best.  You could taste….you could lay down and have your neck gently massaged.  You could experience the Martial Arts,  try some skin care samples, nutrition samples, pick up info and  meet so many wonderful people who were there to help improve your healthy lifestyle or help create it!

Welcoming everyone to the luncheon was a pleasure seeing both familiar faces and some who’s acquaintances were  made that day.  Cammy Dierking spoke to all and I learned a little bit about the lady who I admire on Local 12 every week day for her authentic approach to the day’s headlines.  Again, as I whole heartedly although amateurishly planned our luncheon with Cammy, it proved to be a  success as  she inspired us all with her words, grace and humor.

Cool Jazz in the front picnic area helped to melt the heat just a little as the afternoon warmed up and a glass of wine brought a sense of “finis.”  So I think our duet named “Finale” was quite appropriate.

Isaac surrounded by the fruit of the Earth.

A crowd pleaser!

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