Questions about Boot Camp?

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Q: What makes fitness Boot Camp work? A: early workout 5 days a week kicks in the metabolism. Your program is designed for results. Targets all muscle groups and provides interval cardio training (fat burning)

Q: How do you get up at 5am in the morning? A: When your alarm goes off, you SIT UP! You put on your clothes that you prepared the night before. You grab a handful off berries or a banana. You get in your car and go. I do the rest.

Q:What if I can’t keep up with the others? A: You are never expected to perform at any level greater than your own personal best. Watch that increase with your confidence.

Q: Why is Boot Camp better than going to the gym? A: more motivation, camaraderie, superior training at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer, more skills learned to stay healthy, nutrition advice on a daily basis. You actually have FUN!

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