Inverted Push ups!

February 17, 2010 by  
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Inverted Push ups!  Yes we CAN!I say, “JUMP!”  They ask, “how high?”  And so it goes in February Indoor Boot Camp!  These Campers may have even surprised their selves with their ability to do this inverted push up!   A generally healthy person can come to our Camps and after a week or so, progress into finding that athlete hiding inside.  Happens all the time!  Just watch Biggest Loser sometime and you will realize that the most obese and unhealthy of us all can amaze us with their ability to accomplish seemingly impossible feats of athleticism.

This is  more fun than the gym, People!   And it certainly doesn’t happen at your house watching your workout video.  You know, the one collecting dust under the sofa…..  It’s all good at FFC a.m. Fitness Boot Camp!  Unsure?  I am always available to answer your questions and address your concerns!

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  1. Yup – it is more fun than the gym! Hope your boot camp continues to thrive!

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