Monday, 5/16! Calorie burning Contest

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Wear your heart rate/calorie monitor and join us tonight at Little Miami Family church for one hour of strength training, and kickbox style cardio! Don’t have a monitor? That’s ok. Sure to burn! Looks like a good night to hang out indoors, stay dry and snag some energy you know only a great workout will provide! Arrive sleepy (especially in this weather) and leave with your metabolism all charged up! You know how it feels! Everyone welcome!

Remember! This is the week we plan to get back to great eating strategies! Here is one:
Go to:
It’s easy here to find clean healthy foods and calculate those that are right around 100 calories. (this is the 100 calorie pack idea gone CLEAN) Ex: 1 egg + 2 egg whites = just over 100 kc.
Find some of your favorite veggies, fruits, proteins, grains here and write down selections from a wide variety of your favorites that total 100 cal each serving. Choose 12 to 15 for the day and stick to this for one week. You guys get 18 to 20. It’s pretty simple if you can just stay away from Wendy’s, subway, chilis, outback, mcdonalds etc etc.

To help you with a weight loss goal, use the following link:
This site will calculate calories per day needed to help you reach a goal in a reasonable amt of time.

I know we don’t want to spend our lives counting calories, but doing so for just a week or so will make us much more aware of our calorie intake and help us keep this in check!!!!!

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