“Boot Camp” – The Name has Become Cliche’

May 12, 2011 by  
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For most people, Boot Camp style fitness does not sound appealing. Images of fatigue wearing “know it alls” screaming in your ear, “Drop and give me 50 push-ups” does not make one eager to sign up and fall in rank with the other troops! Although this type of fitness is real and does have it’s followers, allow Friends Fitness Co to provide a realistic approach to “Boot Camp” style fitness. Our camps are designed for the client with average fitness abilities who is looking to step it up in life, those who would like to gain strength and lose weight in a fun atmosphere with like-minded people and not be tortured or trod upon, but encouraged and congratulated for their accomplishments. Most of our Boot Campers remark that they are having so much fun that they can’t believe it when the hour is over and it’s time to go!

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