What’s New at Friends Fitness A.M. Fitness Camp?

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Besides the usual……..

1. taking you outdoors to the stadiums where YOU get to “take the field!”
2. breakfast Fridays (healthy muffins and breads)
3. a different game every day of the week!
4. breaking down and covering all muscle groups every
5. Interval cardio training every week (this burns more calories!)
6. weekly nutrition advice in your email and discussed at Camp
7. encouragement to do YPB (your personal best)  No one left behind!
8. encouragement and info on participating in local events and FFC Extra Curriculars!
9. The Best Deal in Town!  (your month to month gym doesn’t include your trainer)
10. A 4 week goal! A set time frame for your success!

********NEW for April 18 A.M. Fitness CAmp!*********

1. Personal Fitness Consultations either by online chat or at your convenience in my home or yours.  We can discuss your goals, your setbacks, your nutrition awareness or lack of, and come up with a solid, reasonable and “doable” plan for your success!

2. You lose 5lbs in a 4 week camp, and you will qualify for a $50 discount for the following camp.  Not trying to lose but to improve body composition?  Lose 3% body fat in 4 weeks to qualify for same discount.

3. Kitchen Pantry assessment and grocery shopping assistance (understanding food labels, finding smarter choices, sample recipes, pantry shopping list.)  $100 fee – maximum 2 hours.

4. Greater input on Camp Design!  What are your favorite Boot Camp activities?  Email me with these ideas.

5. Fruity Tuesday!  Some quick recovery carbs for your ride home.

6. Brand new Boot Camp activities to kick it up and test our strength and endurance!  (Modifications always encouraged if an activity is not working for you.)

7. A new 3 Day Boot Camp Option Monday5:30am,  Wed6pm,  Friday5:30am specially priced!

Call or email me if you are a Return Camper to discuss your pricing!  Return Campers always receive discounts no matter how long ago you were at my Camps!  Brand new?  Call me to discuss any details!

Want to feel ALIVE?  That’s what A.M. Fitness Camp does for you as you leave to start your day at 6:30am and carries you through your week!

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3 Responses to “What’s New at Friends Fitness A.M. Fitness Camp?”
  1. Katie O says:

    This morning a walk/jog on the Little Miami bike trail/Miami Bluff hill was invigorating and burned 425 calories in less than an hour—plus a delicious applesauce muffin for an after workout snack! Thanks Kim!

  2. Katie O says:

    I would like a reinstatement of (I believe it was called) “Game of the week”—a fast moving workout with about 10-12 varied activities done in a row without a break, then repeated twice with a break in between. We would time it and try to beat the time for the next couple weeks. I really liked that workout and it is well suited for indoors and outdoors.

  3. kim says:

    thanks for the notes Katie! Working on Game of the Day for next week. I’m going to revamp it a bit. Look OUt!

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