Some Encouraging Words for Monday!

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I Feel So Bendable Today!

We just want to set your pace for Monday!  The first day back to work after your weekend is usually a physical as well as mental challenge.  Early a.m. Fitness Camp can change the attitude of your entire Monday and maybe even your entire week!  The reason we pick this early time?  Besides the fact that it puts fitness first before anything gets in our way…..we pick up the metabolism, release endorphins and  encourage muscles to wake up!!!

Are you feeling the results of a.m. Fitness Camp right now, (or your own morning routine) or are you still slugging around and thinking about bagels from Panera Bread?  The second, my friend, is a dangerous state of mind.  One that could result in an unproductive and “bad eating” day…..again.

You want in?  The door is open!

A fit body along with a productive mind set will not store fat!  It will not get bored!  It will not sit around and complain about the weather.  It will not provide an excuse to mindlessly eat m & m s.

Kudos to all you Monday morning smiling faces I saw today!  Isn’t it fun to get home at 6:35am and have all that energy and realize that your workout is behind you?  BTW, Cindy was right and a.m. Fitness camp is early but does not begin at 3am!

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