Active Isolated Stretch Clinic this Saturday

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ballet tech ohio 8:30am 1 hour

To continue this very valuable stretching practice, I will be demonstrating the AIS technique for these areas of focus:


Neck strain can be a result of a variety of daily activity such as keyboarding, repetitive work, repetitive lifting with same arm or both, sports and in some cases disc and nerve problems.  Pain can be alleviated and sometimes corrected with this stretch technique that gently relaxes the muscle and strengthens connective tissue surrounding the joint or muscle supporting the spine.  The arm and hand stretches can improve the elbow tendinitis (tennis elbow) and also alleviate pain from both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

Packets with diagrams of your stretches included.  Please rsvp by tomorrow noon.

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One Response to “Active Isolated Stretch Clinic this Saturday”
  1. Becky says:

    Bootcamp was the best yesterday…you kicked my butt! Even though I was exhausted, I felt strong and ready to face the day! Nothing like fresh air and bleachers to get the heart rate up!!!!

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