Fitness Should Keep you Tuff AND Injury Free

May 2, 2014 by  
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This is a quick read and good info regarding why we do what we do!  If you
are already involved in our Early AM Camps, or considering, here are the

advantages of signing up for our *5 day per week camp.  **It takes a change
up to lose some weight and get stronger!*

These Early AM Fitness Camps are designed to improve your overall health
and fitness.  My ideas are expressed well in the following article by
Sparkpeople contributor, Nicole Nichols.

Yes, I too hopped on that “bootcamp” band wagon with all the trends
pointing to ” hellacious exercise only” to get us to that elite athletic
status.  Over time, I learned that this type of exercise cannot be
sustained without risk no matter what age.  The ACSM guidelines and my own
many years of experience will prevail.

*Challenging exercise with proven safe methods.  Ready for Friends Fitness?*
*Try us any day next week with my compliments.  Next camp begins Monday May

*Summer Camp coming for June at 830am Mon and Wed*