January 2010 The Spin!

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A New Year Resolution regarding our flailing fitness routine usually takes us back to the gym….for about 3 weeks! Then the previous mindset takes over and we slide backwards until Spring when warmer days present the “fitness urge” again. Another few weeks of determination on bicycles and the walking at lunch routine give way to the Dog days of Summer complete with poolside lounging, snacking and a few cold ones! Enter Fall! We might instinctively gather food for Winter…the harvest. Fall certainly creates images in the mind of caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and heartier meals. Our final months of the year mandate our eating and exercise behavior with the fun of Halloween, the bounty of Thanksgiving and the food celebration of Christmas and New Years Eve!

We have to count our blessings living in a country where food is abundant and cheap, but no wonder we struggle with obesity and sedentary lifestyles! Fast food is everywhere! Even our food markets are real eye openers with strategically packaged and placed items for our picnics, tailgate parties, Holiday celebrations and our need to find a quick and easy dinner for the family. After a long day at work, yes, it’s hard to make it to the gym.

So Friends! Here is the Spin! Are you with me now? It’s in your head and only in your head! The motivation? It’s in your head. The decision to stick with good nutrition? That’s in your head. Our friends unintentionally want us to over eat and skip exercise with them. It’s comforting to have a friend that isn’t any more motivated than we are. The Spin is to get together with a group of Friends that are allowing the motivation. They have put their heads together and are following a Personal Fitness Trainer that is providing daily nutrition information, daily motivation, daily determination, daily encouragement and recognition of achievement. THAT is why it’s called Boot Camp! It isn’t the hard core, exercise till you puke kind of exercise that you think! IT’S IN YOUR HEAD! THAT, MY FRIEND IS THE SPIN ON EXERCISE FOR JANUARY 2010.

Come and experience the SPIN! Register for a Friends Fitness Company Boot Camp today!

Gift Certificates Available!

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Available through Registration page or email Kim for a specific package. A great gift for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and especially the New Year! Major credit cards accepted.

Budget-friendly Hamburger Supper

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Lean ground beef is a good choice for your health and your pocketbook. Serve this skillet supper with a crunchy broccoli salad and an ultra-quick fruit dessert.

Mini Shepherd’s Pies Menu

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Here’s a healthy take on a favorite classic casserole– served in individual dishes to cut the cooking time. Enjoy with a salad and a simple fruit dessert any weeknight.

Shopping with Kim and Lauren

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Gift_box 250x150Stuff we can’t live without! Looking for a gift for the “health conscious” people in your life? Or something for yourself? Kim and Lauren compiled some of their favorite stuff perfect for both men and women!  Tried and tested!

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