Ready to PUSH!?!?

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“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”
– Beverly Sills

However!  I’ll be with you every step of the way!

– Kimmy


Let’s break this down, shall we?  PUSH is a 2 month program brought to you by Friends Fitness Co that will push us into Spring achieving these results of our combined effort!

  • fat loss
  • weight loss if appropriate
  • muscles you can identify!
  • improved energy
  • improved mental sharpness

We will accomplish these goals with simple proven methods including our daily “playtime” and our clean eating strategies.  We are going to PUSH even through our weekends!  Sorry, but no gimmicks….. We’re not taking you halfway there with some diuretic and unproven supplements. energy drinks or a starvation diet, only to let you fall on your face when you’re body is starving for real food.  We are taking you to the finish line with what 30 years of training experience has taught me… right and move it everyday.  When we finally understand this, we WIN!


The PUSH Program:

  • 2 consecutive Camps / Months beginning in February
  • Your “Real Food” Booklet for daily ideas to stay on track within your personal kc per day goal.  Booklet will contain breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack menu ideas with total kc for each to make it so simple.  It will even include some popular restaurant choices since this is sometimes our only choice.  Your booklet will contain a “healthy pantry page” and a “healthy frig page.”   Featured page will be one with food choices for your desired outcome, ex: less belly fat, more muscle, mental clarity, antioxidants, greater energy.
  • Body comp testing if desired for monitoring progress
  • Weekday motivational health tips in your inbox.
  • Calorie calculator link to set your personal goal!

PUSH Program Fees:

Early A.M. Fitness Camp 530am Pride Athletics or outdoors as weather permit   Begins Feb 13

Mon – Fri Regular Fee for 2 camps / 40 hours $398  PUSH Program $240 


Early A.M. Fitness Camp 3 days per week 24 hours Regular Fee $320  PUSH Program $192 


Mid Morning Fitness Camp Mon and Wed 900am. Pride Athletics Begins Feb 6. Regular Fee at 2 mos. $160 PUSH Program $130 and includes 1 PCS class per week.

PCS (Power Core and Stretch) Tues and Thurs 830am ballet tech ohio Begins Feb 2 $100 and includes (1) any other class per week.

Evening Fit Friends ballet tech and LM Church Mon and Wed 6pm Begins Feb 1 Regular Fee $80 PUSH Program $70 Add PCS @ $80 Total $150









Friends Fitness Kayaka-Yaka Picnic 2011

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Friends Fitness Kayaka-Yaka Picnic 2011.

Guest Day and a few Words about this Day!

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Guest Day for this Wednesday. Bring your guest at no charge to them! Perfect week coming up for YOUR A.M. Boot Camp schedule: (please note Thur location!)
Monday, June 6 Little Miami Stadium The New Hat Game!
Tuesday, June 7 Little Miami Stadium Your Favorite Tabata and HGH for bis tris and rear delt/back
Wednesday, June 8 Kings Stadium 20/20 featuring calves, abductors, glutes, quads, hamstring
Thursday, June 9 Testerman Park Maineville Party in the Park featuring back, abs, chest, balance
Friday, June 10 Little Miami Stadium Partner Sidelines with bonus round featuring speed

How important is Monday????!!!!!
Monday is an attitude day!  You can choose to have a good “mental” start to your week for better productivity!
Monday is a habit setting day!  You can start your week with a healthy clean breakfast and build on this good habit throughout your week!
Monday is a pace setting day!  You can begin with your Monday workout which makes your Tuesday workout easier!
Monday is a chance to start over!  If we fall off the “clean eating wagon” throughout the weekend….. hop back on for Monday.  Go out and grab some fresh produce today.  Grill some extra chicken breast for your week.  Plan to stuff a bunch of fresh veggies in a pita for your lunch.  Do it right on Monday, and you might do it right on Tuesday….then you might get it right for Wednesday.  Every day you eat clean is a winner!!  Win Win!

Monday, 5/16! Calorie burning Contest

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Wear your heart rate/calorie monitor and join us tonight at Little Miami Family church for one hour of strength training, and kickbox style cardio! Don’t have a monitor? That’s ok. Sure to burn! Looks like a good night to hang out indoors, stay dry and snag some energy you know only a great workout will provide! Arrive sleepy (especially in this weather) and leave with your metabolism all charged up! You know how it feels! Everyone welcome!

Remember! This is the week we plan to get back to great eating strategies! Here is one:
Go to:
It’s easy here to find clean healthy foods and calculate those that are right around 100 calories. (this is the 100 calorie pack idea gone CLEAN) Ex: 1 egg + 2 egg whites = just over 100 kc.
Find some of your favorite veggies, fruits, proteins, grains here and write down selections from a wide variety of your favorites that total 100 cal each serving. Choose 12 to 15 for the day and stick to this for one week. You guys get 18 to 20. It’s pretty simple if you can just stay away from Wendy’s, subway, chilis, outback, mcdonalds etc etc.

To help you with a weight loss goal, use the following link:
This site will calculate calories per day needed to help you reach a goal in a reasonable amt of time.

I know we don’t want to spend our lives counting calories, but doing so for just a week or so will make us much more aware of our calorie intake and help us keep this in check!!!!!

“Boot Camp” – The Name has Become Cliche’

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For most people, Boot Camp style fitness does not sound appealing. Images of fatigue wearing “know it alls” screaming in your ear, “Drop and give me 50 push-ups” does not make one eager to sign up and fall in rank with the other troops! Although this type of fitness is real and does have it’s followers, allow Friends Fitness Co to provide a realistic approach to “Boot Camp” style fitness. Our camps are designed for the client with average fitness abilities who is looking to step it up in life, those who would like to gain strength and lose weight in a fun atmosphere with like-minded people and not be tortured or trod upon, but encouraged and congratulated for their accomplishments. Most of our Boot Campers remark that they are having so much fun that they can’t believe it when the hour is over and it’s time to go!

Food Costs Up and other News!

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Gas prices up today!  Commodities up!  So guess what?  Food prices up!  Time to think it over a bit so we can continue to EAT CLEAN!  This article may help us get on the right track.

What!  Another rain out morning?  Good thing we travel to our magnificent gym at Pride Athletics where we bring the outdoors in!  I thought our train today was KICK A$$!  What say you?

Tonight at ballet tech ohio for some Super Double Tabata!  6pm  Remember this is a boot camp style fitness class now on Wed nights only.  Modifications will always be a priority with me!  Guaranteed fun!  Come try!

Zipline trip coming up for May 7, just over one week!  I haven’t reserved yet cause we don’t have our 20 people!  Jump in here and I’ll make our reservation this weekend.  I have Sally H, Linda E, and have neglected to write down others….sorry.  Please refresh my memory!

What’s New at Friends Fitness A.M. Fitness Camp?

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Besides the usual……..

1. taking you outdoors to the stadiums where YOU get to “take the field!”
2. breakfast Fridays (healthy muffins and breads)
3. a different game every day of the week!
4. breaking down and covering all muscle groups every
5. Interval cardio training every week (this burns more calories!)
6. weekly nutrition advice in your email and discussed at Camp
7. encouragement to do YPB (your personal best)  No one left behind!
8. encouragement and info on participating in local events and FFC Extra Curriculars!
9. The Best Deal in Town!  (your month to month gym doesn’t include your trainer)
10. A 4 week goal! A set time frame for your success!

********NEW for April 18 A.M. Fitness CAmp!*********

1. Personal Fitness Consultations either by online chat or at your convenience in my home or yours.  We can discuss your goals, your setbacks, your nutrition awareness or lack of, and come up with a solid, reasonable and “doable” plan for your success!

2. You lose 5lbs in a 4 week camp, and you will qualify for a $50 discount for the following camp.  Not trying to lose but to improve body composition?  Lose 3% body fat in 4 weeks to qualify for same discount.

3. Kitchen Pantry assessment and grocery shopping assistance (understanding food labels, finding smarter choices, sample recipes, pantry shopping list.)  $100 fee – maximum 2 hours.

4. Greater input on Camp Design!  What are your favorite Boot Camp activities?  Email me with these ideas.

5. Fruity Tuesday!  Some quick recovery carbs for your ride home.

6. Brand new Boot Camp activities to kick it up and test our strength and endurance!  (Modifications always encouraged if an activity is not working for you.)

7. A new 3 Day Boot Camp Option Monday5:30am,  Wed6pm,  Friday5:30am specially priced!

Call or email me if you are a Return Camper to discuss your pricing!  Return Campers always receive discounts no matter how long ago you were at my Camps!  Brand new?  Call me to discuss any details!

Want to feel ALIVE?  That’s what A.M. Fitness Camp does for you as you leave to start your day at 6:30am and carries you through your week!

Warren County Boot Camp Still Rocks after 5 Years!

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Hope everyone can join for April 18 Boot Camp start!  Getting outside for most camps!

This is 5:30am (don’t think about it) GET BUSY, over quickly, you are done, never a dull moment, training all muscle groups, burning fat, every week day for 4 weeks, getting results (if you eat what I tell you), GLORIOUS wide opened spaces Boot Camp!

Not stuck in a gym, not smelling each other’s sweat, notthinking about what to do next (got you covered) not bored on a treadmill, not training with amateurs GLORIOUS FRIENDS FITNESS BOOT CAMP!

Phone: 513-519-9195

Friends Fitness Specializes in Small Group Training! Better Value! Better Results!

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Power Core and Stretch Class began today for the month of March.  Fantastic class for those who want to isolate and strengthen various muscle groups along with core work and long controlled stretching.  Body tired and beat up or immobile and weak?  This might be what you are looking for?   Drop in for a look see.  Your first class is free with no obligation.  Tue and Thur at 8:30am (no class for Tue Mar 8) $56 per month

Evening FFC classes begin tomorrow, March 2.  Have you ever done the same workout here twice?  That is what keeps it fresh and keeps your muscles second guessing!  As a result, your metabolism picks up speed, you burn more fat and you keep making progress week after week!  Mon and Wed 6pm $40 per month

Power Core and Stretch and Evening Fit Friends may be combined at $75

Zumba!  I guess it really is a fitness class that doesn’t feel like you are working out except for the sweat you work up while you are on the dance floor!  Can’t wait to put this in our line up for March.  Remember!  Free class tonight to meet Bhavna and get acquainted with Zumba!  Tue 6pm $10 drop in

A.M. Fitness Camp We are still enjoying our indoor Winter workouts at Pride Athletics.  Was just reading that if one is fortunate enough to work out on a spring floor, there are many advantages!  Less chance of injury, acceleration in your game and so easy on the joints!   This is a 5 day per week/4 week program for maximum results and includes your fitness assessment both before and after Camp!  You don’t have to be in top physical condition to play this game!  You just have to be willing to dedicate yourself to fitness and nutrition for 4 weeks to achieve big results!  Perfect time to get ready for Spring!!!!   Mon-Fri 5:30am $199 (various discounts including BOGO!)

Remember!  Eat Clean to Stay Lean!

Stop F*—-n Around!

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How much strategy is used in YOUR workout?

Do you frequent the gym?
When you go to the gym do you know what it takes to effectively build muscle and burn fat?
Do you know why building muscle and burning fat is so important?
Do you know the best foods to choose to help you build muscle and burn fat?
Do you know that muscle gains can be accomplished at any age?  Extremely important after 40
Do you know that “small group” training can be the most effective way to reach your fitness goals?

Or……are you just f —–n around with fitness?  oops

No matter what program you choose with Friends Fitness, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality “small group” training that results in minimal time with maximum benefit!  Strategies to target muscle building.  For the last time, YES, you want to build muscle!  You men know this already.  Women… harder to convince.  You also get strategies for the most effective calorie burning cardio.  If you’re riding a treadmill week after week, those results diminish.  If you do any workout repeatedly, your results diminish.  If you only diet and check the scale every couple of days, you may lose some weight, but you are still FAT!  Yes, FAT!  Uh huh, FAT! It’s called “Skinny Fat”

I’ll teach you the strategies!  You will have a good time.  You will come back for more.  Just form the habit….21 days?  The Holidays arecoming and you still have time to form the habit.

November a.m. (5:30am) Fitness Camp begins Monday November 2.  4 weeks/16 Camps $120! BOGO for any NEW Camper! Return Camper (if I recognize you, you are a return camper) $20 off! 

Power Core and Stretch begins Tuesday November 3 $42 this month Tues and Thurs 8:30am
ballet tech ohio

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