Get Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat in the New Year!

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So maybe you have been doing the right things…you have been eating more fruits and vegetables, you have cut out the sweets and the bread, and you have even been drinking more water, but you still have extra weight around your middle.  What are you missing?  Why won’t doesn’t your waist ever shrink?  You keep […]

Look Mommy! It’s the Vegetable Truck!

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Those are words that make a mother smile.  I have spent the past several years wondering how I would ever get my daughter to eat vegetables.  I know that many parents have the same concerns.  Baby food is easy.  Infants seem quite pleased to slurp green bean puree from little spoons.  Then we move to […]

Not So New Resolution

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Not so New Year’s Resolution

Did You Make This New Year’s Resolution Again?


…do we make the resolution every New Year’s Eve to:

a.       eat healthier

b.       lose weight

c.       exercise more

…do we do this only half hearted spending a couple of weeks practicing a, b and c, and then abandon the effort.

…do we then recklessly enter into  a, b and c two weeks before our next beach vacation.

…do we fail miserably year after year and gain a possible 10 lb every decade

Drove by the gym yesterday. (Sunday) 

The parking lot was full.  This is the gym where I work.  Usually pretty quiet on a Sunday ….but Memberships are up!  It’s Christmas for the gym.  Stopped by Whole Foods Grocery yesterday also.  Traffic jam in the produce aisles.  Everyone was wearing fitness attire.  We will assume many have made the “a b and c” resolution.  I understand how the gym traffic works.  It will quiet down in a few weeks, smell better and have no treadmill “time limit sign ups.”   Whole Foods will be serving beer tastings at yesterday’s empty counter bar.  But hey!  What a fun experience!  Grocery shop and drink beer!  Like me, does a drink inside a grocery store loosen your wallet permitting an unbridled urge to purchase a wheel of brie?  Reminds me of a funny trip to Tijuana where all the store employees offered me a complimentary shot of peach tequila!  Now I have digressed and will save this thought process for future review.

So Why?!

A bit comical yes, but these are some of the reasons why year after year we get….FAIL!  Can we drive to work or out for errands without the waft of restaurants enveloping our senses?  French fries smell a lot better than bananas.  Don’t they?   A banana muffin smells a lot better than bananas.  It has become very trendy to deep fry just about anything.  How do we fight this? Clothespin on the nose perhaps?

Bottom Line

It’s so easy to eat so wrong.  It’s easy to skip exercise when we eat bad foods. (so much of our food is bad). Many food products, (aptly named) do not provide necessary nutrients for energy and restorative hormone release.  We all know this sluggish feeling.  It’s the rebellion of our one and only vessel of life!


Do This!

  • Spend at least 5 minutes every day with quiet breathing practice.  Quiet your thoughts and relieve some stress.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.  You may think you can rock on 4 hours of sleep, but you are kidding yourself.
  • Eat these alkaline forming foods: Figs, dates, molasses, green leafy vegetables, almonds, beets, (I love beets) celery, parsley and cantaloupe.  Read here why:

  • Decrease refined sugar.
  • Add more protein.
  • Drink more water (duh).
  • Moderate caffeine.

Then think about these things:


We know the not so new Resolution just doesn’t work!

I don’t claim to have all the answers for healthier lifestyles.  I too fight the “Muffin Top” battle. The answer (although I joke about this) is NOT to buy pants with a higher waist line!   Yes Folks, admittedly it’s an uphill battle!  I’m certain I  remember the first box of Pop Tarts my mom brought home from the store.  Eggs were out, and Pop Tarts were in!  Now our own kids get a taste early in life for Goldfish, hot dogs, French fries and chicken nuggets.  How does a banana taste to a kid who is having Lucky Charms for breakfast?  I’m so proud of my daughter who is feeding her baby real sweet potatoes, carrots, pears and yes bananas.  I’ll wager that he, nor any of his friends will ever get a bowl of Lucky Charms in  her house.  Take your kids to the grocery and give them a color to pick a vegetable and fruit.  They might think this is fun.  Let them help you prepare a meal using this food.

Do you know?

New research shows that the “21 days to form a habit” is a myth.  66 days is a more accurate time frame to notice that our increased exercise and healthier eating habits feel completely at home after you’ve stuck with it!  Make it through this winter (Jan, Feb, and March) and don’t lean your motivation toward Spring Break.  Come up with a New Year’s Resolution to improve relationships, your community, maybe the world.  Decide never to make the ” a, b and c” a resolution again.  Wow!  I’m getting hungry and there are some lovely Gala apples right in front of me. It’s a good thing the Christmas cookies have been tossed with the fudge because I am weak.  Now that we are armed with a new mindset that might change our eating habits from “comfortable” to “I FEEL INCREDIBLE”, I’m wishing all my Friends a  Happy Healthy New Year!


Kimberly Robinson has been a Fitness Instructor for over 30 years and a Personal Trainer for 19 years.  She is certified in many areas of fitness and nutrition and affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine.  “Experience is key as life hands us new physical challenges every decade.  I help my clients find a “fit balance” when the brain says, “I’m twenty,” but my body says, “oh yeah, I’m 48!”

Your DNA is not Your Destiny!

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How many times have you heard someone grumble about their health while laying most of the blame on their genes?  Unfortunately, many people go through life resigning themselves to health problems that other family members have had, such as diabetes and cancer.  I have had many patients in my office over the years telling me […]

Vegetarian Labor Day Menu

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Vegetarian Labor Day Menu Menu
Vegetarian Labor Day Menu
<p>Celebrate the end of summer with a juicy portobello burger, fresh tomatoes, creamy potato salad and a seasonal fruit dessert.</p>

Spring Cleaning = Detox Time

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With spring’s arrival we throw open our windows and air out our stuffy house and rejuvenate our bodies in the sun. Spring is a natural time to think of detoxifying our winter hibernation. There are many so-called “Detox” products on the market but many are little more than plant fiber and bowel stimulants. What we really […]

The Inexpensive Way to Treat Migraines, Depression, Leg Cramps and More

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What is the most common elemental deficiency in my practice? Magnesium. This is probably the most underutilized “medicine” out there for migraines, restless legs, constipation, kidney stones, leg cramps, menstrual cramps, asthma and many other  medical conditions including treatment resistant depression.  It has tons of research available to support its use in these and many other […]


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Off to a great beginning for this week’s FIT ENDEAVORS!  Some valuable notes:

Early A.M. Fitness Camp:  530 am Hitting the bleachers tomorrow cause we like the way this fatigues these bigger muscle groups and encourages stronger legs for all the GAMES we play in life!  See you there and I’ll be recording your efforts for the Nike commercial we plan to submit!  :)

Mid Morning Fitness Camp 9am Wednesday Nesbit Park Loveland It’s Guest Day!  Bring a guest with you and if you and I together get them hooked on this fun way to get fit, you two get a BOGO for April!  Attention all staff at Little Miami!  We want to repeat last Summer’s 12 weeks of Fitness for YOU!  Great Summer locations including Nesbit Park, Testerman Park, bike trail and more!

Power Core and Stretch 830am ballet tech ohio April classes begin on Tuesday April 3.  Add one additional any camp or class  per week at a rate of just $59 for April.

Evening Fit Friends 6pm Mon and Wed also begins next week for April on the 2nd.  Just $40 for the month of April.  This class will be outdoors for much of the warm months and whenever possible.   Home base is ballet tech ohio, a hop and a skip from our favorite bike trail workout including the HILL!

Special excursions for April!  

Happy Hour at The Works Loveland Thursday, April 12. 430pm on the patio!  This is a great Mixer!

Interest in the Ozone Zip Line at Ft. Ancient???? Planning this trip since 2 additional zips have been added making this a better value!

Why train with Friends Fitness??  Your trainer, Kimmy, me,  now has over 30 years experience with numerous certifications including my most accredited with The American College of Sports Medicine.  Don’t hire a trainer still “wet behind the ears.” Tell me how old you are, and along with your medical history and our consultation, I can help you determine what’s next in your health and fitness priorities.  We can design a program that is appropriate for your age and health status as every decade brings new challenges as well as priorities.  My goal is to help you find your “inner athlete.”  We all have it and desire to improve it.

You may notice I have gotten over “boot camp” as a description for our programming.  What a cliche and “washed up” term used to describe the numerous exercise programs springing up everywhere.  Everyone and their brother now runs a “boot camp.”  Your brother is probably a boot camp trainer, eh?  Who isn’t?  Personal as well as group training has been in my repertoire for 30 years, and I can tell you, most of us are not boot camp material.  The army may do that for you if you are under the cut off age, but listen, what I’ve found is that this term is only intimidating to most.  Those trainers that want to run a hard core program boot camp style eventually reap the reward of injured clients who suffer setbacks from inappropriate and poorly monitored activity.  At FFC our road to success is paved with challenging and progressive activity pacing ourselves till we can move mountains! You just have to pay attention when your trainer is speaking.  :) No gimmicky quick fix supplements either.  Long term health, vitality and a great body does not rely on these non FDA approved gimmicks.  They are simply a money making scheme.  I am not affiliated with Weight Watchers, but here is a good choice for getting in tune with nutritional needs.  Whole clean food will provide every nutrient needed for your health and vibrant well being.  duh you know…duh.

Come try the most proven and longest running fitness program in Warren County.      


How does a 304 pound man finish a 26.2 mile marathon run?

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A powerful story of pain, weight loss and rebirth as told by Skip. You have to read this story. It is simple and meaningful. It will affect you, or someone you know . . . I promise. If you weigh 304 pounds then how can you propel yourself down a new road that is full […]

Weight Loss – Green tea really kicks butt . . . it will also shrink it.

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Green tea is one of only two beverages that can claim health benefits for the human body. The other is water. We know we need water in our diet and it is the single most important fluid we consume. Most of us do not consume enough water on a daily basis but that is a […]

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