Fitness Should Keep you Tuff AND Injury Free

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This is a quick read and good info regarding why we do what we do!  If you
are already involved in our Early AM Camps, or considering, here are the

advantages of signing up for our *5 day per week camp.  **It takes a change
up to lose some weight and get stronger!*

These Early AM Fitness Camps are designed to improve your overall health
and fitness.  My ideas are expressed well in the following article by
Sparkpeople contributor, Nicole Nichols.

Yes, I too hopped on that “bootcamp” band wagon with all the trends
pointing to ” hellacious exercise only” to get us to that elite athletic
status.  Over time, I learned that this type of exercise cannot be
sustained without risk no matter what age.  The ACSM guidelines and my own
many years of experience will prevail.

*Challenging exercise with proven safe methods.  Ready for Friends Fitness?*
*Try us any day next week with my compliments.  Next camp begins Monday May

*Summer Camp coming for June at 830am Mon and Wed*

Which is better for your heart? Low Carb versus Low FAT

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The more we study the more we find that our ancestors where a lot smarter than we are. Being a Caveman means you eat what the good earth provides which is meat and plants. There was no grain, no bread, no processed foods, no high fructose corn syrup and certainly no genetically modified foods. In […]

Restaurants, Travel, Food & Avoiding Pitfalls

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So I spent 4 days in Portland recently. Amazing city with very cool, eclectic mix of fun things to see and do. I highly recommend a visit. For my business travelers I want to offer a glimpse of healthy survival. Once a gain it is EASY if your vision has been trained to see the […]

How I Cut My Cholesterol in Half Without Drugs. Case Study of 65 Year Old Margaret.

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Margaret came to me at 65 years of age and wanted to change her life. She was tired of feeling tired and knew that her health was taking a nosedive. She had a laundry list of complaints that was growing with each passing year and she feared that her next 2 decades would be miserable […]

Let’s Go to the AIRPORT for Some Healthy Food!

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That’s right, I said airport. Many of my patients have heavy travel schedules and I commonly hear the response, “Well it’s impossible to eat healthy when you travel.” I typically just take a deep breath and simply try to absorb the expressed frustration but after years of these deep breaths I now have to explode […]

Statin Drugs are NOT the Only Solution to Cholesterol

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The new guidelines offer insight to physicians on how to use statin drugs to reduce heart attack rates. Period. Is it fair to expect more than that? No it really is not. We are not taught anything about nutrition, sleep physiology, exercise physiology or for that matter anything about “health”. What we are taught in […]

Can you trust what your doctor is being taught? The New Statin Guidelines.

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The new guidelines from the ACC (AmericanCollege of Cardiology) and the AHA (American Heart Assoc.) were just released over a week ago. These guidelines are meant to offer guidance to physicians in their treatment of cholesterol as way to reduce cardiovascular risk. It is intended to be a thorough review of the medical literature and […]

Mental Calm: Owning Your Life, Your Mind and Your Reality

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I was lecturing in San Diego recently and on the flight home I got stuck in Chicago for 5 hours as multiple planes had mechanical failures. Boarding and then “deplaning” (as they call it) can test anyone’s patience and resolve. Interesting to watch the reaction of different people. Some visibly upset. Some appear to be in […]

How to Get Your Kids (and adults) to Eat Vegetables

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News flash – vegetables are good for you. Yet many Americans eat little to no vegetables. Even people that like vegetables often tell me they only get 2 to 3 per day. This article is not about scolding you about your lack of vegetable consumption. But lets be realistic and admit that if our kids […]

Food = Mood

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I want to share a quick story about a woman I met today who came to me with severe depression as a result of a series of tragic events that have occurred in her life. As we talked for more than an hour I kept seeing a recurrent theme. Her mounting health problems had begun […]

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